Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Pilot

pilot [pahy-luht] =(n)something done or produced as an experiment or test before wider introduction.

Hello folks,
After hating the previous space where I used to write, here I am in a whole new space. Firstly, a quick set of ground rules are needed to be laid down.
1) This blog is totally mine :D . So you don't get excessively worked up on the stuff that I write.
2) Yes, you are welcome to be a critic .
3) I think I have that split personality thing. Most of the time, I am calm and normal, but at times I become totally thoughtful and travel to a whole strange arena. So, the posts might be shifting from one energy level to the other. You people will have to deal with it.
4) Do not shudder/flinch/become all judgmental if I use _THE_ words here and there.
*Whines* not sold here.

Oh n btw 0: Did you guys watch GOD batting yesterday? Wasn't it awesome?
Oh n btw 1: Any idea where we get good vada-pavs in Hyderabad?



namrata said...

Looking forward to the next few episodes. It was a good pilot though!

Anonymous said...

I'd seen some vendors in S'dbad (I think Sindhi colony) selling vada pav. Never tried it out though. I did try it out in Blore, in a place called (I think) Jumbo King.

Btw, watching God bat is always awesome.

Sultan of Samarkand said...

OK. Pilot approved. I'm willing to pump in money in this one.

Katholic Kitteh Production House

PS- There is this road side dhaba near Chenoy Trade Center in Sec'bad.
Awesome vada pavs, I tell you!

Anonymous said...

the widget in the sidebar .. yeah the eclipse one may show random hazardous messages like the one i saw when i was on previous page ... better remove it ... nice start btw ...

Anonymous said...

nice title and nice domain name looks like quite a bit of thinking has gone into it.
on and btw the theme is not-so-good

Anonymous said...

Strange that you want to eat vada pav in a place like Hyderabad which has loads of goodies to offer.
Well, maybe not so strange.

Nice start. Will surely look this one out.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to read the post on Chrome and the damn browser wouldnt show anything but a few symbols... Looking fwd to more of your posts and before using _THE_ words.. Be reminded using such language from IIIT network is an offense.. :P

Btw didnt know you saw cricket.. and God is God after all why wouldnt anyone enjoy his batting :)

And btw just to remind you that you are a localite so you should be replying such queries instead of asking them.. Shame on you localite!!

Anonymous said...

places where you get awesome vada pav other than hyderabad.

1) Londa railway station - Goa
2) Any shoppin street in Mumbai

Maruti Borker said...

Nice pilot, Hope d season 1 will be good :P ..

Tatineni said...

Hey dudette!!! nice background theme and nice intro too :) Waiting for mine :P

rahul said...

All i see are some weird symbols

am i missing something here?

Deepti said...

@sultanof...: Sec'bad it is!
@clickingthoughts : ai ai sir! changed it!
@himank : I know! sniff sniff :)
@rahul: I put a dumb font wich was not supported by IE/Chrome. Changed it.Guess u can see now

Anonymous said...

I guess you had those vada pavs at Pune or is it in B'lore ?? ... any ways blog often from now !!