Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quarter life crisis

Quarter-life crisis = The quarterlife crisis is a term applied to the period of life immediately following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from the early twenties to the early thirties. The term is named by analogy with mid-life crisis.

[Source wikipedia]

Disclaimer: This post is not related to Samvedana..This is an outburst of the rarely observed not-so-like-me side of my persona..


When this title struck my mind, it sounded quite funny. Doesn't seem so funny now, somehow.. whatever!

There can exist few variations to this title – “The one with the last one from -H's desk” "I rant therefore I am" or "Selling whines" and the like

The Rant:

I never thought I can ever get all melodramatic about leaving college Change is good and awesome and the more of it the better is always what I have believed in. Staying at home is a good change, a huge one indeed. But, life inside campus was exhilarating and comfortable. You want time for yourself? Shut your door and play some of your favorite music at any volume you wish to, drink bucket loads of coffee, do some thinking and writing and thinking and writing and there you go! Your mind which was fogged with all kinds of thoughts is now clear. You cannot be all that cranky at home, can you?

The whole circle of friends which you have so carefully woven for the past 4 years is now torn apart and its elements are living as discrete entities. They are no longer just a door step away, they are no longer beside your desk, they are no longer hanging out there at the coffee shop nor are they out there to chat up and make things up when they go terribly wrong! Things like these, which seemed nightmarish an year ago are actually happening for real now.

You know very well that you deserve a lot better in all spheres but are not really getting them. And anything on which you are laying your hands is ending up as a huge disaster making you feel as a cursed Midas, making you feel it was rather better before when things were untouched and you did not venture upon anything new which led to spinning a web around yourself out of which you cannot get out now! Is this Quarter-Life Crisis?

And the only thing which keeps you going in this murky, rather gloomy road and the only thing which offers you any solace is Samvedana..

What do you do when your most precious and treasured (personal/professional)dreams take a toll on you/seem to crash right in front of you? Tired that you are, with a sense of bewilderment, you rummage for support around rather helplessly, but you hardly find any! You feel like running away, far far away to a “no-one-to-judge-me” land

The Epilogue:-

And when you have run some distance and slow down and turn back, probably you will realize that you have been giving smaller things a greater deal of importance – something which was not needed. Probably, when you have run far enough and turn back, you might have zoomed out the scene a bit and might now see the actual big picture which was so totally missing from where you started running! Probably the whole image will get loaded now and the view will become clearer to you.. Probably..

Being mushy isn't my cup of tea..I esshhtaaapp. :D

Oh n btw0: Possibly, I must have sounded clich├ęd all through the post.

Oh n btw1: Song of the day: Coldplay’s Trouble.



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Samvedana - The Genesis

Samvedana [saM-vedana ]= empathy, compassion, feeling others pain as if it is ours.

Hello (hypothetical) folks,

Few points to clear off any misconceptions about the title:

a) No, am not a messiah of JV shivir and I am not here to publicize it!
b) I am not being a Sanskrit teacher to teach you different Sanskrit ke \begin(HYD_HINDI) word-aan \end(HYD_HINDI)

Okay, with that in mind..

Samvedana is a dream combined with sincere wholehearted hope and effort to make it a reality.

huh.. So what is it??

"It is a group which is made of you and me and we all get our hearts and souls together by helping for the welfare of the society"

and how exactly do you want to do that?

+ We being IT empowered , we will act as a channel of information between NGOs and the junta.

+ We can be regular in our donations however small they might be (small but periodic) and divert this money to those NGOs which is not able to meet the demands of their basic amenities.

Why so "samajsevak" ??

Well... you see something, you experience something and few of those 'somethings' totally change your outlook. Samvedana sprung in my heart when I saw and experienced the most disturbing sight - a bomb blast in my very home - Hyderabad. It did not leave my family untouched. I lost my cousin to that mindless destruction. How long did I take to get over it? Not over it till now and I dont think I can ever be over it.

Before that incident, it was a very smooth and happy life - wasting bucket loads of water, electric power, money all of which we conveniently take for granted. They say, you need to "put yourself in others' shoes" and taste the pain to know how they feel like'. Seeing my aunt and uncle, I realized how it feels like not to have something which everybody has. And its not a very good feeling. The more miserable I was, the more time I started spending alone in the orphanages which was the only thing which made me happy.

So on Sept 8th, the day of awakening as I call it , I gave my GRE exam, there appeared a list of the universities to choose from. I had my very own list in mind - a 2 month effort which I obtained after a lot of searching and interacting with seniors etc etc. But then, it just stuck me, do I want to do this, or not? The 'no' side of me was so strong that I walked away without opting for a university thinking, well okay, let me think about it..

I thought for a while and then it became clear that I need to make my dream which was dormant in some corner of my mind a reality. So with immense support from my friends and family, 'Team Samvedana' came into existence.

Do you want to join Samvedana and help us in making this dream reality? We are now a team of 30 odd people working real hard on this. Do drop in a mail to me if you are interested!

Ending on a lighter note :P

Oh n btw 0 : If Yash Chopra starts a charity organization named samvedana , its caption would be "come fall in samvedana " :P (jees! how lame!)

Deepti (On behalf of Team Samvedana)