Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tête-à-tête with my dad

All characters and their dialogues described in this post are real. Any resemblance to any exaggerated, fictitious characters/ dialogues should be considered purely coincidental.

tête-à-tête [teyt-uh-teyt]=(n)a private conversation, usually between two people.

Dee:"Ae ae ae under my umbrella ae ae aeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aieeeeeeeeeee ayeeeeeeeeeee ..."(barking continuously!)

Dad: "What's wrong with you??"

Dee:"Oh, I was just singing,I mean was trying to.."

Dad: "Not about that noises. I just got a message that 83 dollars have got credited into my account, did you cancel your TOEFL?"

Dee: (Clicking some arbit thing on the computer) "Yes dad. Oh shit! I forgot to tell you. I am not planning for MS this year!"

Dad: "What? Why? How did this change come about??"

Dee: (Of course stopped clicking but was staring at the screen)

Dad: "Deepu, I am asking you the reason for this sudden shift in your focus. You keep jumping from one thing to another, what is it this time..."

Dee: "Wait, I am thinking of a reason, err.. i meant.."

Dad: "So you yourself have no clue as to why you don't want to go for MS?"

Dee: "Hmm..I ...Yes.."

(The villain enters : My bro :X )

Bro: "hello people and you".. (Of course you get it, I am not people according to him )

Dad: "Well, your sis suddenly decided not to go for MS and she is trying to figure out why!"

Bro: "May be it's because of some of her FRIENDSES in her college with whom she never wants to get apart!!" (with the biggest grin on his face!)

Dee: "Ok. I am a staunch follower of "THE PLATINUM RULE"-never never date people from your work/college. You actually have to see them everyday and bardash-ify them everyday!!Yuck!!No man!!"

Bro: "That means its someone outside your college!"

Dee: "What? Oh no no..Dad, don't buy what he is saying. He is just taking revenge on me for some thing I did 4566 years ago!"

Dad: "Now that I am thinking, its all making sense to me. So is he a Brahmin??"

Dee: "What? Dad Come on!! Ragz(bro's nick), I am gonna kick you..Dad seriously,dad come on. You know me. Don't believe him. Dad, You don't want me to stay with you guys for some more time??". (Trying to trigger my damn dead emo/senti voice!)

Bro: "Try harder dudette ! You have tried that voice like almost everytime you have to convince us.Never got through though!"

Dee: (Giving my bro those looks which our dear balayya,jr. ntr, mithunda give in movies to the villains, in RGB planes from every possible angle)

Dad: "Okay, give us one good reason as to why you don't want to go now. I am asking this because, you were totally passionate about this right from your 2nd year until just like 10 days. What made you change your stand in such a short interval?"

Dee: "I don't know. I think I have taken enough crap from my you-know-who. I am not sure if I am ready for more crap for the next two years".

Bro: "But job isn't easy dudette!"

Dee: "I know...I don't know..I don't know. Look I cannot tell you why I am not applying now, 'coz I don't know the reason myself. But I am cool this way. So let it be this way. Please Dad".

Bro: "Dad, its perfectly okay to stay back and work for a couple of years. Then she will be vexed up with her job and will crave for MS. You don't have to worry"

Dad: "Hmm..I always thought you were the studious of the two of you and you will study further."

Dee: (Looking at my bro )"He he he.. Loser!! I am the good one huahuahuauhua"

Dad: "I was not done before!"

Dee: "Hehehehe... wat?? Oh.. hmm.. ya dad. I understand".

Dad: "Just be conscious about your decisions."

Dee: "Yes dad, I will. Thanks for supporting me!"

Bro: "You are welcome, jack!!"

Well, that was an awesome conversation at least for me. I kept slipping my tongue at all wrong moments thanks to my bro. But, I am really happy for all the space I am getting from my parents not forcing me into something just 'coz they want to see me doing that something. I am known for changing my decisions at the 11th hour,59th minute and dad's scared lest I do something not-so-correct.

I was really in no mood to write another exam after my GRE. I was too lazy to write a SOP for applying for universities. I began hating Graphics of late. These can be considered as the last three reasons for not going for MS.

Coming to what I want to do after my B.Tech, I have no freaking clue. I am no fan of doing a job and my dad knows it. But one thing I am very clear about and that is I want to start a group which helps in raising funds for a large number of forsaken old age homes and orphanages in Hyderabad. Why do I want to do such a supposedly "NOT-SO-COOL" thing? More about it later...

Oh n btw 0 : Did one good thing this Diwali. Went to an orphanage and distributed sweets to kids.

Oh n btw 1: Bursted 3 laxmi bombs under the vehicle of my neighbor who says to me and my bro "Oh, I sometimes don't remember who amongst you is younger". :X

Oh n btw 2: My parents are still irritated at my Jim Morrison hair and are buying me all kinds of hair bands so that I tie my hair up. :D


Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Pilot

pilot [pahy-luht] =(n)something done or produced as an experiment or test before wider introduction.

Hello folks,
After hating the previous space where I used to write, here I am in a whole new space. Firstly, a quick set of ground rules are needed to be laid down.
1) This blog is totally mine :D . So you don't get excessively worked up on the stuff that I write.
2) Yes, you are welcome to be a critic .
3) I think I have that split personality thing. Most of the time, I am calm and normal, but at times I become totally thoughtful and travel to a whole strange arena. So, the posts might be shifting from one energy level to the other. You people will have to deal with it.
4) Do not shudder/flinch/become all judgmental if I use _THE_ words here and there.
*Whines* not sold here.

Oh n btw 0: Did you guys watch GOD batting yesterday? Wasn't it awesome?
Oh n btw 1: Any idea where we get good vada-pavs in Hyderabad?